Happiness starts with you- a long-lasting journey

Happiness starts with you- a long-lasting journey Happiness is joyful long-lasting  journey.  Sit below the free sky and feel the fresh breath of life harmony. As happiness starts with you and inside you so bright. so maintain happiness truly and don't chase any dark light. As happiness is a beautiful melody that every soul wants to recite. As we all are different in nature and manner So ignore tiny mistakes and judge less and love greater in life sphere. Make your every moment happy and fulfilled.  Because time never comes back to you.  So call for happiness in each tiny thing. Always offer motives to others to get merry rays. Since what we pass hits on us in countless ways. And this way happiness cycle tinkles in entire life phase. Happiness starts with - a long-lasting journey           Short and effective tips to control anger in life

Short and effective tips to control anger in life

Anger is a state of mind that provides stress and anxiety to the body and mind. In a state of anger, you are filled with so much energy. But now it depends on you how to use this energy in life. 

Anger arises accidentally in your nature and you are unable to understand how to react to that moment and how to respond. 

When you are furious you speak many bitter words you did not want to convey and after that, you realize your mistake and somewhere you regret too. 

Anger is an emotion. It is a very natural process for humans. Anger is normal until your angry nature does not affect you, your relations, and your surroundings. Sometimes the situations are out of our hands that annoy our minds and heart.

Anger snatches your happiness from life. Life is very beautiful but sometimes we make it hard to survive. Anger is an obstacle in the way of life. We should try to overcome anger so that we can live a joyful life.

Here you will find some short and useful tips to control anger-

  1. If you want to control your anger leave the place for a short period.
  2. Drink water to calm yourself.
  3. Read your favorite books so that you can think of something else.
  4. Either you can listen to peaceful music that can help you to control your anger.
  5. Talk to your favorite person for some time.
  6. Have a walk and enjoy the beauty of nature and feel some fresh air.
  7. Do not lose your patience when you are angry.
  8. Do some breathing exercises and meditation. It helps you to overcome anger.
  9. If you like writing, write your emotions in a diary read it and you will surely get some courage for life.
  10. The most important thing you can do to control your anger is you can just ignore the situation and try to divert your mind. 
Things which you should not follow when you are in anger-

  • 1. Don't use violent words when you are in anger.
  • 2. Don't lose your patience, be calm and peaceful.
Things we should follow when we are in a state of anger-

  • Have patience and try to transform the situation in a discussion manner.
  • What was the reason that creates the rage situation and hurts you? So try to focus on that and try to find out reasons and its solutions.
  • Always try to think about the good deeds of that person who has hurt you.


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