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Happiness starts with you- a long-lasting journey

Happiness starts with you- a long-lasting journey Happiness is joyful long-lasting  journey.  Sit below the free sky and feel the fresh breath of life harmony. As happiness starts with you and inside you so bright. so maintain happiness truly and don't chase any dark light. As happiness is a beautiful melody that every soul wants to recite. As we all are different in nature and manner So ignore tiny mistakes and judge less and love greater in life sphere. Make your every moment happy and fulfilled.  Because time never comes back to you.  So call for happiness in each tiny thing. Always offer motives to others to get merry rays. Since what we pass hits on us in countless ways. And this way happiness cycle tinkles in entire life phase. Happiness starts with - a long-lasting journey           Short and effective tips to control anger in life

The self help-the best gift

 Self-help-the best gift Self-help- the best gift A butterfly was flapping on one rose to an other .🦋 It has some extract of pain to suffer . The little butterfly has done so many mistakes in Life . Seeking some Help for a while . The tired butterfly begged and requested a little kind . Fight too for the Help at every side . But was failed to achieve those . That is known as so-called HELP   when we are going to compose . The butterfly cried a lot and was a broken HEART . Unable to convey pain and dwelt apart . Tried many times to recover from all. But not as a real blissful person  it was in the start . It was in some feared still goes on and on . Some sounds of scream disturbed its heart a lot . Begged only a shoulder of faith in demand . But was wrong to attain a help task. Makes the butterfly weaker and has no courage in any hand . The flapping  butterfly don't understand  what to do now onwards . The Time was moving as usual  from one to twelve

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