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Happiness starts with you- a long-lasting journey

Happiness starts with you- a long-lasting journey Happiness is joyful long-lasting  journey.  Sit below the free sky and feel the fresh breath of life harmony. As happiness starts with you and inside you so bright. so maintain happiness truly and don't chase any dark light. As happiness is a beautiful melody that every soul wants to recite. As we all are different in nature and manner So ignore tiny mistakes and judge less and love greater in life sphere. Make your every moment happy and fulfilled.  Because time never comes back to you.  So call for happiness in each tiny thing. Always offer motives to others to get merry rays. Since what we pass hits on us in countless ways. And this way happiness cycle tinkles in entire life phase. Happiness starts with - a long-lasting journey           Short and effective tips to control anger in life

Prosperous Diwali-gleam up some virtues in you

Prosperous Diwali-gleam up some virtues in you Some beautiful birds are chirping on the branch. Singing a melodious sweet song to dance. A song of Light, and Prosperity to surpass. Crowned as festival of sparkling Diwali in a specific glance. An auspicious golden and gleaming Diwali.  Celebrated with full of joy and delight as in carnival. Renders love ,happiness and wealth in every sphere. Each and everyone prepares home and surroundings  to look clean and beautiful in appear. As we welcome the  God and the  Goddess in our place. So that our life blooms by the  shower of blessings of them. Light up all the lamps and candles  and light up your heart too. So that burn out all the dark glitches as crackers do. In a meanwhile be a reason of happiness in someone's  Life too. Needs a little bit of dusting in area of specific heart. As it is as essential as all other works to  spark.   Gleam up beauty, gleam up some virtues. White wash kindness and polish some dignity in y

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